masala (a) shamala.ch

Shamala Masala

Visual Artist, Illusrator, Yogateacher, DJ

This is all about Artwork & Illustration from Bern.

Brought on paper in a state of meditation and stillness.

I’m moved in the presence of harmony, deepness, passion and individual expression and get inspired by the colors and sounds of the world, the journey around the globe and the love and pain within.

Anything you transform out of the inner state of meditation and stillness into the world of matter can have any form;

Limitless, it can be a illustrated symbol, it can be sounds which moves heart and bodies or it can be a movement of dance, a poem; and it can be a prayer or all together.


Masala is a term for a mixture of spices and varied elements which are used to add spice and flavour to whatever is there. Known at places around the indian ocean, especially india and eastern africa.